What is SEO / SEM Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) marketing is the process of developing and promoting websites so that they appear high on the list when someone – such as a potential customer or client – performs an internet search on words related to your business.

These searched on words are known as keywords or key phrases and they are key to visitors finding your website – as well as making it easy for the search engine indexing robots to know how to categorize and rank your company’s site.

There are many different factors that go into determining a website’s rank and where it appears in search results; many of those factors can be optimized for, meaning your website will rank higher – appear closer to the top – in a web search by someone seeking the services or products that you offer.

Internet marketing is no longer an option for today’s business owner: you not only need a website to inform clients and potential customers about your services, you need a website that has an effective, comprehensive search engine optimization marketing strategy behind it. You need a site that has been optimized – that is recognized and positively indexed by the search engines – and that reaches your intended audience.


An Important SEO Strategy is getting all the elements right that give your Website more visibility in search engines and drive more traffic to your website.

Elements that should define your SEO Strategy :

Website Content

Content truly is king: it’s the visible writing on your website that educates the website visitor and entices them to make the move from site visitor to becoming a client or a customer. At BlueClaw, our content writers and developers understand the importance of words and how they can help with conversions, which means more sales or retentions for you. The content writers are also experts when it comes to researching, identifying, and incorporating short- and long-tail keywords into the text on different pages, carefully selecting key phrases that will help get the site indexed and visible to the person performing the web search.

Article Writing and Distribution

Another key element of any comprehensive search engine optimization strategy is the research, writing, and distribution of articles. Articles are an excellent way of developing backlinks to your site – backlinks are hyperlinks from other websites to yours – from reputable sites, which, over time, will increase your site’s standings in the search engine results pages. Additionally, articles help reinforce the selected and targeted keywords for your site, giving them a greater weight in the ranking algorithms. And, of course, articles contain information that is valuable to the consumer: and if the consumer is impressed with the content of the article, they are more likely to visit your website for additional information, which leads to conversions.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

Along with article writing, the careful and strategic crafting of press releases can get your website noticed and increase its rank in the search results pages. Another means of emphasizing your identified keywords, and developing those essential backlinks, press releases are used to distribute information about your company, such as an expansion, the addition of new products or services, a promotion, the launch of a new project, and so forth. However, press releases need to be very strategic – both in content and timeliness – to avoid spamming the distribution programs and to offer information that is of value to the reader and encourages them to visit your business website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While all of the search engine marketing (SEO) strategies fall under the general umbrella of “SEO Marketing” there are also some specific SEO techniques that can be done, on an existing website or as part of new site development, that make the page rank higher in search engine results pages.

Key among these SEO techniques are:

  • Researched and strategically placed keywords / key phrases
  • Effective meta text – text that is visible to search engine indexing robots but not the general site visitor – in the title tags, descriptions, etc.
  • Submission of website to different search engines

There are, of course, many other elements to any SEO plan; our BlueClaw know the intricacies of such and will put their expertise to work for your website, increasing the site’s visibility, rank in search engines, and rank in the search results.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

An incredibly fast-growing field, social media optimization (SMO) is another component of a SEO strategy, which concentrates on developing a feeling of intimacy and one-on-one relationships with Twitter followers and Facebook friends, or people who have “Liked” your company’s profile on Facebook. With a solid SMO plan, you are able to reach out to current and potential customers, offer special discounts or promotions, interact with clients, and promote your business’ branding efforts.

Niche Websites

Another evolving SEO marketing strategy involves the development of extremely limited websites – niche websites – that concentrate on just one area of expertise, service, or product; in effect, you’re marketing a specific “niche.” These small websites have valuable, keyword-rich URLs, very specialized and honed text, limited keywords, and emphasize your company’s strength in just one area. Niche websites are an excellent way of getting very targeted – pre-qualified, in fact – visitors to view your product or service.